Review: Sunday Gold — A point and click adventure game about a criminal trio

6 min readOct 29, 2022

Frank Barber, Gavin Dorsey, and finally, my personal favorite Sally Wheeler, are the main characters in this game. In Sunday Gold, the mission upon you dictates you have to guide them from a pub’s back room all the way through Hogan Manor. Hogan himself, is another lead character in this story. You don’t get to play him. Instead, you need to fight him! This isn’t just your simple puzzle breaker point and click adventure, there’s much more to the game. However, these characters are what make Sunday Gold’s valuable!

Heads up! There’s a short summed-up review at the bottom with my thoughts on the game in case you are just looking for the TLDR review.

Sunday Gold’s main menu.

The story

Set in a grim and dystopian future London, you start out with a team of one. Frank is all you have in the beginning and he has just been thrown out from the pub. It’s visible that Frank has some problems on knowing where to draw the criminal line. Nevertheless, deep down he has perfectly tuned compass, pointing for good most of the time.

You quickly meet Sally Wheeler which makes it extremely noticeable that her and Frank have a past. She’s a bare-knuckle beast but, once again, with a great sense of goodness, something they all share. Despite being always the first to suggest the lets-break-it-open kind of solution, Sally has an extremely important role in this adventure. I’d argue, even the most important role, in terms of gameplay flow.

Dialog between the three main characters fully voiced.

Gavin Dorsey is the third and last one to join your now-finished team of three. He appears to be somewhat disturbed by the latest occurrences. By teaming up with the other two, he can somewhat control his emotions and be extremely helpful along the journey. Despite appearing to be the weakest link, he’s in fact your heavy hitter.

Without saying too much and spoiling the beans, the story in fact really takes shape with Gavin. He was fired from Hogan Corp and has a gut feeling something is off in there. What initially started as a get in get out quick-buck type of plan, very rapidly evolves into a full-on fight…


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