Review: A Bit of Tactics — A roguelike turn-based combat tactics game

4 min readJan 19

In the farms of Abitof monsters are grown for their yield of rare items. But a successful harvest is not easy, for these crops fight back. As with all creatures their hearts yearn for tactics. Use this as your advantage, progress through the dungeon defeat their boss and reap the rewards.

One of the strengths of this game is its focus on skill-based gameplay. Each playthrough presents a set of increasingly challenging encounters, with the promise of more valuable rewards such as new gear, spells, and potions. The game encourages players to think strategically and choose the proper gear for their fighters, as the right combination is key to success.

There is a TLDR review at the bottom if you just want to get the short version of it. There’s also the video review with some gameplay action if you’re looking for a more interactive medium.

The game lets you see what you’ll be up against and does an excellent job at explaining through informative buttons and descriptions, what all modifiers, spells, or stats do. Just pray you to get some good item upgrades as loot from the encounters you managed to push through.

One thing that I found unique about this game is the variety of enemies you will encounter, from orcs to undead, vegetables, demons, and more. Each faction has its own roguelite campaign with unique rule sets, fighters, and bosses. But the real challenge of each run is the boss at the end, and there are over 15 boss fights to test the player’s mastery of the game.

The variety of loot is also another aspect that makes this game stand out, there are over 200 different items available to collect, including helmets, armor, weapons, potions, scrolls, and books. There are 6 tiers of items to collect, giving players a sense of progression as they overcome each obstacle.


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