Review: Oakenfold — A time-reversible roguelike strategy game

4 min readNov 9, 2022

Oakenfold is a turn-based tactics game at its core but unique in other aspects. You play as Asha, one of the last hopes for humanity alive in this world. Her father taught her well. The game takes place in the Himalayan region. She learned to hunt, scavenge, and most importantly, how to fight in order to survive.

Oakenfold’s main art image

This very clever puzzle-like roguelike title was developed by Studio Taghua, a one-man development studio in Amsterdam, Europe. If you liked Into the Breach or other classic turn-based strategy games, you’ll probably like this one as well.

There is a TLDR review at the bottom if you just want to get the short version of it. There’s also the video review with some gameplay action if you’re looking for a more interactive medium.


You get to choose one out of the existing three Asha’s mindsets. Each mindset offers you three different skills that you then use to overcome every map. These skills can also be enhanced or upgraded, by collecting Energy Orbs from enemies and then using the Crafting Station within the maps.

Asha’s mindset choice before starting a new run.

It’s really about figuring out which one you like more depending on the style you have. Let’s not forget that this is a roguelike adventure game. Every run, you start with the same basic skill set. Every encounter is procedurally generated as well as the map and the forks in it. You have an overview of what an encounter will look like in terms of enemies and you have to make a choice in order to proceed.

The combat despite being fairly simple and straightforward has a lot of difficulty in it. Even more, if you’re going the min-max path for even better scores. There’s…


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