Archrebel Tactics — A modern retro game for turn-based strategy combat fans

3 min readNov 18, 2022

Currently a game under development with the potential to be one of those which are played throughout the times for many, many hours, making it a classic for the ages. The same as the likes of XCOM: UFO Defense or XCOM: Terror From The Deep.

Archrebel Tactics logo with a pre-alpha game screenshot on the background

This is a project for a sci-fi turn-based tactical combat game that is starting to take shape. Everything is pixel-perfect because it’s beautiful pixel art. Everything is there: the premise, the story, the art, the sound! All we have to do is wait. Unfortunately, that’s the hardest, isn’t it?

If you’re looking to see some gameplay action from the bits and pieces we’ve been getting throughout the development phase, or hear some of the unparallel sound effects the game will have, check my YouTube video on Archrebel:

How it started

You might know Julian Gollup’s name, he is the man who is considered to be the father of the XCOM franchise. Back in 1986, before XCOM even existed, he created Rebelstar for ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC. This was a strategy turn-based game where two teams dueled on a large scrollable map. The Raiders would be the invading team, which had as their objective to destroy Isaac computer. It was being guarded by opposing team operatives and defended at all costs. Each team had a dozen controllable units from human soldiers to droids. Each of these units had a certain amount of action points they could spend to move, shoot, or performs other actions.

A screenshot from Julian Gollup’s Rebelstar

Why is Rebelstar important when we talk about Archrebel? According to Fernando Pereira, the game’s solo developer, it is heavily influenced by it. In his words:

Archrebel is my attempt to capture Rebelstar’s essence, sharing the same sci-fi setting while expanding its formula through a large campaign offering more content.




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